Perfecting the Short Game| Table Tennis Tips

Perfecting the Short Game Table Tennis Tips

Mastering the strong short game is crucial at the intermediate to advanced level because it allows you to attack first, which gives a huge advantage during the point.  There are three primary ways to receive a short serve – short push, long push, and flip.  Each player has a preference

Importance of attacking first in Table Tennis!

Importance of attacking first in table tennis

You have practiced your attack for months… Hired a physical trainer… Perfected your favorite table tennis robot drills… Purchased the newest equipment… Watched every table tennis video on the market… Held tight to your diet… Prepared mentally for your first tournament… BUT failed to win a single match! What went wrong? As an offensive player, your experienced

Mastering the Professional Table Tennis Serve

table tennis serve

Most players want to improve their serves, but many of them don’t know where to start.  Here is what I would recommend… #1 Decide what serves best match your game #2 Find a top player who serves those exact serves Here are some sample videos… (watch the last 45 seconds) #3 Perfect your motion without