What are the best badminton shoes?

badminton shoes

When you are choosing badminton shoes normally people go for: top brands, the most advertised, most expensive or just being trendy. This isn’t always the best decision, as you have been led to buy them due to marketing. Out of all the equipment you have, shoes are the most important followed closely by rackets.

Choosing the wrong badminton shoes could make you slower on court. This could be due to not gripping as well as other shoes. All trainers present a different technology on how they grip your foot, including the material they use. This could also mean the shoe doesn’t cushion your foot properly on impact, making it harder to stop. This will cause injury to your legs as it doesn’t have sufficient padding for your foot.

The size of the shoes differ in what brand you choose.Ever wondered which one is best for you?

Philip Adams
Biomechanics and dynamics badminton coach --- HERTFORDSHIRE(LONDON) I'm Phil Adams a badminton coach, coaching within Hertfordshire/London coaching all ranges from young to old. My coaching style is different to others, enhancing maximum performance out of a player with a high end dynamic structure. This means I work past the technical aspect of the game, bringing biomechanic movement and stability to your body. Then to create a dynamic hitting effect, hitting it further with less energy involved.
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