Lee Chong Wei becomes the most decorated player in Super Series events!

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Lee Chong Wei is regarded as the modern time great and the greatest of all time. There is no title which the Malaysian hasn’t won. There are every moves in his archery of this legend through he can shock his opponent in any situation of the match.
He has even the most number of Super Series wins in the history of Badminton. But the latest news from the Association has shaken the whole Badminton world. The latest and the most staggering news which is coming from the highest authority of Badminton i.e. the Badminton World Federation. BWF first launched the term super series in December 2006 and it came in enactment from the then new season of 2007.

The new rule from the Badminton World Association

In the current statement released by the BWF, they have decided to drop down the idea of super series and instead of that they have decided to start a new thing by the name “World Tour”. Hence, the last super series to ever hold will be the Hong Kong super series held in on November 2017. Thus the super series will now be the events of past.
And thus in this era of a decade, it can easily be said that Lee Chong Wei has completely evolved as a true legend.
The true magic of Chong’s skill can be estimated by his record of being the longest reigning World no.1 in the history ranging from 21 August 2008 to 14 June 2012.


An unmatchable legend with most super series titles

As the super series tournaments have come to an end by the BWF hence with the records Wei is the most decorated player with a record 46 Superseries titles in the past decade with an average of almost 4 titles per year, which is phenomenal.
He is trailed by the South Korean player Lee Young Dae with a total of 43 super series titles. And even his arch rival is standing far beyond him in the ninth place. He is such a respectable player in his country that he is given the title of ‘Datuk’ which is the most honorable title in his country. Even his biopic is going to be made which shows what status he has in his country.

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