Prannoy praises Indian players for stiff and healthy competition!

The current generation of badminton is the best ever which the Indian badminton has ever witnessed. Most of these players have shown their talent at the international level and gain praises for their stupendous performance. One of them is HS Prannoy. Prannoy had a very fruitful season in 2017 where he defeated the likes of the badminton greats like three-time Olympic silver medalist Lee Chong Wei and the Olympic Champion Chen Long. He also won the US Open Grand Prix by defeating Parupalli Kashyap and further won the senior badminton national championship by defeating Kidambi Srikanth.
He is currently playing with Ahmedabad Smash Masters in the Premier Badminton League.

Prannoy’s take on the current performance of Indian Players.

Prannoy said although the amount of quality players has increased in our country there is a healthy competition among all the players. He said that as there are limited berths from a country in a tournament, hence every player tries to give his best and seal their spot in that tournament.
He said that the friendship on and off the court is never affected as there is always a healthy competition among them. He said, “The secret behind all the men’s singles players doing so well in the past couple of years is that we have helped each other on and off the court”.
“We have all been practicing and training for a long time but what has changed for us now is that when one performs well on the world stage, everyone else wants to be as good if not better than him. That healthy competition pushes us to do better. Off the court, we all are great friends. There is no rivalry or jealousy. We help each other out all the time”.

Prannoy’s fabulous unbeaten streak in the PBL

On his fabulous unbeaten run of 10 matches in the Premier Badminton League, he said that winning 10 continuous matches in PBL is a great feeling. He said that PBL is a great tournament and he is always in favor of tournaments where players play as a team.
Let us hope that Prannoy keeps his this winning streak not only in PBL but also in the international circuit.

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