PV Sindhu, Yamaguchi, Nozomi Okuhara: A Battle of Supremacy!

There are various times when the audience goes into awe after witnessing a superb rally or an entertaining match where they are bound to get stuck into their and witness the history in making.
Thus a fascinating new rivalry which is getting nowadays between two of the most talented women in the women’s badminton roster who are none other than the Indian star PV Sindhu and Japanese powerhouse Akane Yamaguchi, Nozomi Okuhara.
Even the record for the longest duration of the match also stands with the Japanese doubles player who defeated the Indonesian players who were the second-seeded for which the match ranged more than two hours making history.
An epic and long lasting rivalry began when Nozomi Okuhara and PV Sindhu and Yamaguchi met at the biggest tournament in the game which is the Badminton World Championships held in August last year and the World Super-series finals in December 2017.

• The clash of titans in the Badminton finals to decide the champion.

1. For the World Championships, the match gave a blistering appeal as both the players were ready to create history. If Sindhu wins she would become the first Indian Shuttler to become the world champion by winning the gold medal. Hence, it meant the world for both the players.
Both the players gave their heart out for winning the match and did best which in turn resulted in the second longest match in terms of duration in women’s badminton history which resulted for a surreal time of one hour and 50 minutes.
Both the shuttlers played their best and match proved to be an absolute stunner.
This epic match lasted such long with a staggering scoreline of 21-19, 20-22 and, 22-20. It resulted in the loss of the Indian player but still, they produced a match worth remembrance for a long time.
This match consisted various rallies and the biggest rally was of around 73 mind-boggling shots which were won by Sindhu, but she didn’t capitalize and lost the match narrowly.

2. The same match was played between Akane Yamaguchi and PV Sindhu in the Dubai World Super-series finals. This match proved to be a nail-biting match with full of entertainment.

PV Sindhu was again on the verge of making history in the Dubai World super-series finals. But it was again a heartbreak for the Indian shuttler who played phenomenal throughout the tournament.

It was a thrilling encounter but again it was Sindhu who suffered the loss. She saved a point and made the scoreline 18-18 but then Akane took charge and won the decider by 21-19. In the end, the final scoreline was 12-21, 21-15 and, 19-21.

But with the advent of these women, the Chinese domination has come to an end and a battle of supremacy between these rising players has been established.

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