Top 20 most Handsome Badminton players in the world!

Badminton is a sport which demands a lot of hard work, stamina and agility. Players engage in a lot of activity just to keep them fit for the game. While all this does help them in attaining a body shape which every man would desire, a few of them also maintain their Personality while in Public. We have tried to compile a list of Top 20 Most handsome Players who have been playing Badminton.


20. Pannawit Thongnuam

Pannawit Thongnuam is a Thailand shuttler. He is 20 years old. And he has been a runner-up at the 2015 Grand Prix in Mexico.   The Thailand lad has cute looks with an amazing body.

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19. Yugo Kabayashi

Yugo is a Japanese Acer.  He is a great player with more charming looks. He is 5.7 tall.  He is 21 years old.  He plays Doubles Badminton more often.  He was the winner of US Open in mixed doubles and runner-up in the males doubles. He is currently ranked 106 in mixed doubles.

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18. Josche Zurwonne

Zurwonne is a German smasher. He started playing badminton at the age of 8. Even he plays mixed doubles. He is 27 years old.  He currently ranks 121 in mixed doubles.  He was the winner of Brazil Open with  Max Schewenger  in 2014.  The German shuttler is 6feet tall.  He has a great smile.

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17. Ricki Karanda Suwardi

Ricki is Indonesian Badminton player. He is 24 years old.  He is 5 ft 11in tall.  He specializes in doubles with Angga Pratama. His current world ranking is 14th.  He has won many titles with his partner in South Asian Games, Asia Championship and runner-ups in Indian open this year. He has the most adorable smile with a dimple.

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16. Brice Leverdez

Brice is a French player. He is 5ft 11in tall.  He is currently at 26th position in the world ranking.  He has won a gold medal in the Mediterranean games.   He has been a winner in many of the European Series. Leverdez has very charming looks. He is 30years old and he doesn’t look like one.

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15. Lin Dan

Lin Dan is a Chinese professional shuttler. He is the sexiest Chinese shuttler. He is 33years old. He currently ranks 3rd in the world. He has a total of 62 titles in his pockets. He is 5ft11in tall. His looks have been kind of problem for him.  Recently he confessed of having affair.

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14. Anton Kaisti

Kaisti Is a Finnish player. He is 24years old. He is the tallest in this list; he is 6ft 4in.  He is currently ranked 117 in singles and 92 in men’s doubles.

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13. Kashyap Parupalli

Kashyap is an Indian player. He has the most charming looks with his great body. He is 5ft 8in tall.  He is 30 years old. He won a gold medal in Commonwealth games in the year 2014.  He currently ranks 110.

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12. Tan Wee Kiong

Tan Wee is a Malaysian badminton player. He is cute with chocolate boy looks.  He is 27 years old and 5ft 10in tall.  He mostly plays Doubles or mixed.  He currently ranks 1st  with Goh V Shem.  He won a silver medal in Rio Olympics in mixed Doubles. And also Gold medal in Commonwealth games in 2014.

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11. Viktor Axelsen

Axelsen is from Denmark.  He is 6ft 4in tall.  He currently ranks 4th in the world. He is 22 years old. He has won many titles in the European Championships and Swiss Open. The Denmark Hunk has looks that you would kill for.

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10. Lee Yong Dae

LEE is a South Korean player. He is 28 years old. He is 5ft 11in tall. He currently ranks 1st in mixed doubles and 38 in men’s doubles in the world ranking. He won Gold medal in Olympics in 2008 in mixed doubles.

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9. Elias Bracke

Brache is a Belgian Badminton player.Elias is only 18 years old. He has very adorable looks. But His ranking is quite down.

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8. Jonathan Christie

Jonathan is an Indonesian player. He is only 19 years old.  He is 5ft 10in tall. He is current ranking is 22 in the world. It’s quite impressive that at a young age he has achieved such victories. He won gold in the Asian Championship in the year 2016.  He has also appeared in movies.

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7. Emre Comert

Comert is a Turkish Badminton player.  He is 19 years old.

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6. Bao Chunlai

Bao is a Chinese badminton player.  He is 33years old. He is 6ft 3in tall.  He has retired from the game but has won many gold medals in Thomas cup and Asian cups.

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5. Rafididas Akhdan Nugroho

Rafididas is an Indonesian shuttler. He is 20 years old and 6ft tall. He has won a silver medal in the world junior championship.

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4. Matej hlinican

Matej is a Slovenian Badminton player. He is 22 years old. He currently ranks 214.

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3. Blai Ramirez

Blai is a Spanish badminton player. He is 22 years old. His looks are impressive but his game is not :-p

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2. Petr Koukal

Koukal is a badminton player from Czech. He is 30 years old. He currently ranks 87 in the world.

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1. Jan O Jorgensen

The best player not just for his abilities but also for his looks, is Jan O Jorgensen from Denmark. He is 28 years old and 6ft 1in tall.  He currently ranks 3rd in the world. He has a total of 7 titles.  He has been a winner in the China Open, German Open, Indonesia Open, and French Open.

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So which one is your favourite?


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