Choosing a right Blade!!!

table tennis blades

Search by looking at 8 different criteria... Choosing the right Table Tennis blade is one of the most important equipment decisions you will ever make.  Thankfully, the Paddle Palace catalog lists the exact descriptions of each blade they sell.  In this article, I’m going to talk about the details of various

Type of Fans – Great research ever done

With the research done by SportsFlu, it has been noticed that we have diverse fans across globe of Table tennis who love table tennis from bottom of their heart and are really emotional as far this sport is concerned because this is the only sport who have countless benefits and

Badminton -The next Cricket in India

We all have a pre-notion in our mind about “ sport” in India is to talk just about “CRICKET” but slowly this trend is changing & people have started displaying their  love  to “BADMINTON”. It was 2016 RIO OLYMPICS when P.V.SINDHU & CAROLINA MARIN square off in final of Indian open


Saurabh Verma, an emerging star of the Indian Badminton, or a shuttler who believes in his hard work and passion -; We are talking about a player who became the Indian National Badminton Champion at the age of 19. We are talking about SAURABH VERMA . He was born in