5 Benefits of  playing Ping Pong


You are probably asking yourself; what is ping pong? Okay, have you ever heard of lawn tennis? If you have, then ping pong is quite similar to lawn tennis. It is played by either two players or four players. Just like any other game, ping pong also has its equipment.

Table tennis new generation

table tennis new generation

Table Tennis Evolving Table Tennis is evolving at a very rapid pace, Big brands like butterfly, tibhar, stiga etc are working hard to create a perfect Ping Pong robot. Amidst all this new generation of table tennis are stepping in , who are taking this game to a new level altogether,

Timo Boll – The European table tennis Legend

Timo Boll - The European Legend

Timo Boll,a German professional table tennis player who currently plays with Borussia Düsseldorf,  was born in Erbach im Odenwald, Hessen on 8th March 1981. Boll started playing table tennis at the age of four and his father was his first coach. In 1987, he became a member of TSV Höchst and played there at association

Football vs Table Tennis – Which sport is harder?


Over the years, I’ve had debates with many people especially my good friend Louis, (currently coaching a national men’s football team) about which sport is harder to master – Football, or Table Tennis?We are both very proud coaches and pride ourselves inside our beloved sports which naturally leads us to

The Most Outrageous Match Ever !

The Most Outrageous Match Ever  - At the Leibherr 2016 ITTF Men's World Cup in Saarbrucken,Germany , Table tennis game witnessed one of the most hilarious match in the history ever.The match was between " Jorgen Persson" , a swedish table tennis player and he is a player who has