Marion Bartoli: Powerful Girl is Coming

2013, Wimbledon Champion, Marion Bartoli has announced that she will return to tennis in 2018. Bartoli, who retired from tennis in 2013, announced on Tuesday, that she would be making a comeback. Bartoli is known for her unorthodox style of play. She used two hands on both the Forehand and the

Nadal backs off from the opener game in Abu Dhabi!

Rafael Nadal the current world no. 1 has decided to back off from the season opener which was supposed to be an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi. This decision of Nadal came as a setback for the organizers who are already facing the problem of the players backing off from

Federer vs Djokovic: Game is on

It is said that friendship and hostility should always be in equals. These two players, we are talking in today's article, are very good friends outside the court, but inside the court, they seem to be challenging right. If you are crazy about tennis, and if you don't have seen these

Andy Murray: A Tennis Born Player

We all know that, Coming events cast their shadows long before. Andy Murray proves this line. Generally, at the age in which we learn to walk properly, Murray started playing tennis at that age. We are talking about the Great Britain's tennis star, Andy Murray. Andy Murray was born on 15

Grigor Dimitrov becomes the champion in the ATP Finals!

Grigor Dimitrov becomes the champion in the ATP Finals

This year’s international tennis has all been about the two tennis greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. After the departure of various big names from the international circuit due to severe illness and injuries these tennis greats grabbed their chance and were too dominant on their counterparts which lacked experience