Premier League dream finale: Arsenal Vs. Manchester United

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What a day it would be if this happens in reality!! My favourite Vs. one of the rivals I cherish, ManU going one on one with gunners.

Manchester United and Arsenal have both struggled this season with few disappointing matches where they were not expected to lose. Yet they kept coming back. Moreover they are known for their long time rivalry that spawned somewhere between the 90’s.

Manchester United has thrashed Arsenal the most in their 222 clashes till date. Arsenal took the biggest ass-kicking from Manchester United on 28 august 2011 when Manchester United robbed them off this game by mercilessly firing 8 ruthless goals into Arsenal.

The rivalry was enjoyed by fans of both the teams with Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson throwing it at each other for many years but that eventually went down and cordial exchanges took place.

Both the teams know that they have got players and a solid gameplay to counter any team. With likes of Wayne Rooney, Schweinsteiger, Juan Mata on one side and Walcott, Ozil, Alexis Sanchez on the other end the collision and the game can only be imagined for now.

With few more matches to go for both the teams and Arsenal already having an upper hand in this competition and having had thrashed the Red Devils 3-0 in their previous meeting are riding on top of the table.

If this match happens then a brilliant display of skills perhaps an old rivalry might be on the cards. With things going a little shaky at the managerial side at Old Trafford and Arsenal unsure of the upcoming matches who knows these two might make it to the final and the fans of both teams get a spectacular finale this premier league.


Ashish Badoni
Currently pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering from Birla Institute of Applied Sciences Bhimtal, Gunners fanatic, smiles a lot.
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