Archana Kamath : The New Face Of Indian Table Tennis

Archana Kamath,17-year-old girl from Karnataka is the new face of Indian Table Tennis who has let her game speak for her credentials.

She calls herself a soldier who is ready to bring Indian Table Tennis on the World Map with her supreme game.

“I want to be a soldier for my country. Sport gives us an opportunity to fight for our country, without sacrificing our lives. I want to be that person. I feel great when the national anthem is played and the flag goes up.”





Her list of achievement proves that she is indeed a soldier who will win Olympic gold. No surprises she is supported by  Olympic Gold Quest, a not-for profit company in India which trains athletes who are strong contenders for Olympics gold.


She participated in the recently concluded Ultimate Table Tennis league playing for RP-SG Mavericks.Her first encounter with playing Table Tennis is an interesting story.

Her story of passion

During summer vacation, Archana went to her uncle’s house and saw the table for the first time.Initially, she did not like table tennis and it was his brother who was very passionate about it but slowly it became an obsession and fun.

She was 9 years old then and her parents who are ophthalmologists brought her a new table.The journey of her table tennis begun in the basement playing on a new table to defeating world championship silver medallist in world junior circuit finals in 2016.



“She feels no pressure from any quarter because she enjoys playing and not concerned about ranks”  replies Archana when asked about any type of pressure she feels while playing with foreign players or players older than her.

Archana has won a scholarship programme provided by ITTF  to young and promising players for a year long training under youth Olympic support programme.

Winning an Olympics Gold for her country is her ultimate aim.


Major  achievements

  • The first ever Indian to reach the quarter finals of the World Junior Circuit final
  • Youngest player to win a U 21 Youth Girls National title
  • Only Indian to represent TEAM ASIA at the ITTF World Cadet Challenge  2014
  •  Number 1 ranked player in Karnataka State in 4 age categories in 2013
  • ITTF Fair Play Award at the World Cadet Challenge


Swami Vivekananda’s teachings have influenced her since childhood when she participated in a fancy dress competition dressed as Vivekananda, reciting few of his quotes.Her other favourite  Idols include Saina Nehwal and Roger Federer.

In an interview with ITTF, She said “I like to watch movies, Bollywood movies. I love going out with family as well” when asked what does she enjoys other than training.

Given her strong commitment and passion for the game, we believe she will definitely fulfil the dream of a billion people with her Paddle by winning Olympics Gold.

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