Women beating Mens in Open Table Tennis Tournament

Women beating Mens in the First Open TableTennis Tournament is believed to be held at Chiswick Town Hall on 26th October 1901 in London.

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Table Tennis was the latest Trend in those days and everyone wanted to be part of this latest sport in the world.

It was a Grand event with more than 300 spectators.

Many competitors were members of  Famous & Private clubs (Bloomsbury, Clapton, Sutton).It Offered engraved cup as first prize and silver letter case as second prize.


The 18-Year-Old Girl is the  Winner(Beating all men)

18-year-old Vyvyan Agnes Eames defeated her father  C G  Eames in semi finals and C W Vinning in finals to win the Tournament.

She won another prize which was offered to ladies only and other tournaments as well.





She won in Royal Aquarium event and TTA’s First Inter club tournament and was described as the best lady Table Tennis Player.

Many Publications wrote about it describing in detail and especially praising Vyvyan Agnes Eames.

The Controversy Of The Table Tennis Tournament

In Chiswick times a report was published which called the Tournament unfair.

The writer accused the organizers of the tournament of foul play.The rules of Table Tennis Tournament were given by the Cavendish Club(Most Famous of those times).

According to rules when scores become equal, players had to play a set of 5 points and the winner was decided according to it.


A response was written by the umpire and Organisers which described the exact incident of that evening.

They wrote that in the final match this rule could not be applied when the score was 24-24 because umpire tried to call attention but failed to do so.

So, When spectators became quiet after their celebration, Umpire reminded them of rules and Match had to be restarted but ended up with a different Winner.

It ended well.

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