5 Benefits of  playing Ping Pong


You are probably asking yourself; what is ping pong? Okay, have you ever heard of lawn tennis? If you have, then ping pong is quite similar to lawn tennis. It is played by either two players or four players. Just like any other game, ping pong also has its equipment. You will need a ping pong table, a ping pong paddle, and a small hollow plastic ball. The moment you have these, you are good to go! So if you just moved into one of those posh neighborhoods, do not be surprised Why You have a best Ping Pong table in your house or compound. Just like any other sport, ping pong also has its benefits. The following are the 5 benefits of ping pong.


1 Table tennis is good for your health

Playing table tennis helps in improving your reflexes. When playing table tennis, the fast-paced and short distance running aids in improving muscle movements. Are you struggling with burning calories? Trust me, I know the struggle. If you are a lazy person who thinks that the world owes you for being overweight then here we go again. Table tennis is good for you. Do not even ask questions because we know that you fear running, you do not jog, you do not work out, you do not check your diet, yet you are obsessed with cutting that weight. Look, it is not a walk in the park. Get yourself a ping pong partner and see yourself lose some of that weight in a healthy way. The short distance running is awesome and will help you a lot. So in terms of health, you do not need to be a doctor to know that you need to sweat out some fat every day.


2.Table Tennis Improves Productivity

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is very true. You need to unwind sometimes. Get out of your busy work schedule and find yourself a distraction. A distraction? Yes, find something you can do to distract yourself away from work. For instance, you can consider table tennis. Playing table tennis helps in developing your mental sharpness. You are always sitting behind that office table, working, why don’t you jog your mind a little? If you love solving puzzles, sometimes you get stuck and can’t get the answers right. Worry not, playing table tennis will ensure your brain is on its best behavior and solving puzzles won’t be an issue for you. What are you waiting for? Go and get yourself the ping pong equipment and start adding some value to your free time.


3.It builds social relationship

You think you are antisocial right? Or you need new friends. There are so many ways you can build your social relationship and playing ping pong is one of them. In most estates or neighborhoods, there are always some communal social amenities that serve everyone that lives in that particular neighborhood or estate. For instance, you will find a group of people playing netball and another group playing table tennis. You may not know anyone in that neighborhood but the moment you start showing up for the tournament and participating in them, you will make friends and save your pathetic dying social life. So don’t just sit down and wait for a miracle to happen. It won’t happen unless you do something about it. Friends do not just come to your doorstep and ask you ‘Hey would you like to be my friend?” maybe it happens in fairy tales but in real life, you need to go out there and meet people. So why don’t you find out if there is a tournament for table tennis in your estate? You will be shocked at how many friends you will make in a day.


4. It helps you spend more time with friends and family

Being a working class is not easy. You always miss out on so many family occasions and gatherings, especially if your work involves traveling. The best way to make up for this time is to buy the table tennis equipment and make the family spend some quality time at home playing table tennis. This is really fun!


5.Table tennis is good for the elderly

If you are looking for a sport that an elderly person can participate in comfortably is table tennis. It doesn’t require too much energy and it helps in improving the muscle movement. So if you visit your grandparents and you want to have fun with them make sure you play table tennis with them. In as much as it is fun, it also beneficial to them health-wise. So don’t be afraid that your grandma might break a borne, come on, she needs to reflex those muscles!

In conclusion, ping pong is one of those sports you do not want to miss on. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a ping pong partner and go ping pong!


Virginia Wise
Virginia wise is an author of pingpongpassion.com.
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