5 Ways which can help you Improve your Table Tennis Skills Faster

Table Tennis is a game of mind and fitness both. If you think your game is not improving or improve rate is very slow, then of course this article will help you.
So, there is a question always came in mind.. Whats the reason that some player give result fast and some take a lot of time or playing really good but unable to give the result??
So here is some important points by which a professional table tennis player surely will improve fast and properly.. These are the principles of Table Tennis by applying it in your training routine you’ll be up quickly.


1. Focus on FEELING

Feeling is the first principle in table tennis. Feeling improve the percentage of your shot, control of your game and confidence in your game.
Best way for the feeling in table tennis is do multi ball by your self. Continuously hit the ball by tossing yourself. Sometimes counter , some time push or chop. Do this with 150-200 balls continue at a time . Just try to feel the contact of ball-racket and force you are applying.
If you start feeling , then automatically some percentage of your game level goes up.

2. Hit by the ‘Legs’

The second principle which specially Chinese recommended is hit the ball by your legs. It means use your legs and whole body to play a shot. Any shot will be more powerful and accurate if it’ll be hit by the use of legs and whole body not only with the arms.
Arms are just the tool to transfer the power to the ball, your legs and body is responsible to generate the power.

3. Fix the hitting position

This is one of the important principle of professional table tennis. So many player from us focussing on the ball and at the point where we contact the ball, but focus to the point where we are hitting the ball is also very important.
So next time when you’ll be on the table then also try to focus on the hitting position or point.

4.  Relax, Explode and Relax

Another important principle in table tennis to improve fast is “relax, explode and relax”. It means always be little more aggressive at the time only when you are going to contact the ball or hitting the shot.
Don’t be in too much tension during the match or practice, always try to relax your mind in between the two strokes. It will be a very quick process during a fast rally but you’ll learn if try it Every time and with every stroke. It will give a dynamic change in your game and strokes.

5. Tactics in Table Tennis

Tactics is very important to win the match and at every point of Table Tennis. If you want to improve fast in table tennis then you should learn the tactics which means you understand and read the opponent’s style and the game. You’ll understand by tactics that where to hit the ball i.e. on forehand, middle or backhand, which stroke is more suitable and what will be the length of your shot on the table.
Every thing related to the study of game to understand the weakness of opponent and your strength is your tactics.

So above principles are useful and key points to improve fast in table tennis. As I already mentioned , Table Tennis is a game of mind and strength simultaneously so you have to work on both to learn the table tennis properly and professionally.

Special thanks to coach EmRatThich for his original tutorial :

read more here: https://pingsunday.com/best-5-tips-improve-fast-table-tennis/



Aditya Kumar Awasthi
Aditya Kumar Awasthi is a writer, Short Movie/Documentary maker, Blogger, Traveller , Photographer and Table Tennis Player. Aditya did his graduation in B.Sc (hons.) Physics from Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi. After Physics (H) , He did his Post Graduation in Mass Communication from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi. Currently Aditya is a free lance Writer , media person and playing professional Table Tennis.
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