Koki Niwa: The inventor of chop block shot in Table Tennis

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Koki Niwa  born on  10 October 1994 plays for Japanese national table tennis team. He is the gold medalist at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and he won the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in 2010 (doubles) and 2011 (singles).

Quite few of us know that On 21 April 2012, he defeated Ma Long of China, World Rank no 1, to become the first player to be qualified for 2012 Olympics from the Asian Olympic Qualifiers also he won the 2014 Russian Open singles title.

His playing style is not conventional and he always keep inventing with his shot in the game. Recently he has created a new shot to deceive the opponents and table tennis world is taking this chop block shot seriously. we also have seen ma long doing the same.

Lets watch out some of his shots which is rocking table tennis world:


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