Mastering the Professional Table Tennis Serve

table tennis serve

Most players want to improve their serves, but many of them don’t know where to start.  Here is what I would recommend…

#1 Decide what serves best match your game

#2 Find a top player who serves those exact serves
Here are some sample videos… (watch the last 45 seconds)

#3 Perfect your motion without the ball

#4 Try to generate spin first by using your wrist – don’t worry about keeping the serve short and low

#5 Perfect your serve by keeping it low while varying the placement, spin, depth, and motion

#6 Use it in practice matches use it in tournament matches and be persistent over an extended period of time

Samson Dubina
Samson started table tennis at age 12 in Canton, Ohio at a local church then progressed to the Canton Table Tennis Club at the YWCA. He then continued sharpening his skills as a training partner for the Olympic team of Canada from 2004-2007. In recent years, Samson has achieved many titles while traveling to Europe, Asia, and throughout North America competing in nearly 400 tournaments over the last 20 years. Currently Samson is training, competing in tournaments, coaching the top players in the state of Ohio, and is now coaching the top players in America. Coach Samson Dubina has been awarded the 2015, 2016, and 2017 USATT Technology Coach of the Year and was also a 2016 US National Team Coach.
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