Gift ideas for a table tennis player !!

Gifting someone can be very difficult on their birthdays, festivals, or any other occasions. One has to scratch their mind and think for a perfect gift for them. But, if your friend is a Table Tennis enthusiast, here we have gift ideas for a table tennis player !!

1. Online Table Tennis Coaching

If your friend is serious about table tennis, and finding a way to get a better coach, then it will be a perfect gift for them. It will take their game to next level. has a wide range of selection for choosing free and premium expert coaching.

2. Instant Table Tennis

By this, one can play table tennis anywhere, on any table. This has a roll net length can be adjustable. Include two table tennis racquet. You just need a desk! This gift is ideal for early teenage children. No more Video Games now!
Buy it here:

3. Replacement Rubbers

Trust me, players like me who don’t want to spend money and secretly wishing someone could give these little things! You are like an angel to them. Rubbers need to be changed at least two to three times a year. Giving a pack of it will be a great gift.
Buy it here:

4. Table Tennis Bat Case

This is many amateur players don’t use and think it is of no use. But your racquet protection is most important unless scratches, tearing and wearing will occur.
This has a space for balls too.

5. Table Tennis Accessories

There are players who live for Table Tennis. Mobile covers, Keychains, T-shirts, etc are best and comes in low budget. This will be with them as a memory and can amp their fashion level too.

6. Table Tennis Robot

This is a robot trainer which will help your friend to make their game better. This category has a wide range of options according to their need.
One can find and search about it in detail:

Hope you will surprise your friend with a great gift. Comment down more ideas. Happy gifting!

Hema Rämåswàmý
I'm an Electronics and Communication Engineering student from IP University. Content Writer, Sports Enthusiast. College Basketball Captain. KVS National player.
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