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Ping Pong FM , as the name says it is an extravaganza for music and table tennis lovers…  It is a fun, musical take on the table tennis. Wondering how and where it is useful?

People now-a-days have fun at parties with loud music, dinner and dance. They also like to play during parties to have extra fun. They own table tennis table in their apartments and often would like to play during parties. Was it possible to combine music and table tennis together? Yes! Thanks to Mark Wheeler who came up with the idea of combining the dynamics of table tennis with music.


The idea to design this FM was from interaction with music as well as how to bring extra fun. The technology in Ping Pong FM is not complicating as you think. The rule is to choose a song and keep playing at correct tempo by keeping the ball in play. Hit the ball too slowly or miss the ball and the music will wind down to a stop. Don’t want that happening right?


Every time a player hits the ball, an application updates in a computer to play your music and monitor “hitting” the ball. It adjusts the music to change its speed upon how well the players rally the ball.

After testing several approaches, placing contact microphones within each of the paddles was the most effective solution to keep track of the game. The microphones listen for the wooden paddles reverberating when the player hits the ball. These vibrations are given as inputs to microphone which is then processed on an Arduino hidden inside a retro case that listens for peaks above a certain threshold. When a hit is registered, the Arduino sends a Player ID via USB to a computer running the game application, built using open source toolkit open frameworks which displays the song coming out of two speakers and adjusts its speed accordingly as well as does re-synching.

The computer gives visual feedback with character animations on the screen. It also has a jukebox-style collection of songs to choose from.

The components responsible for such a creative design is rolf sachs + camera brand leica recently presented by table tennis-influenced leica ‘M-P grip’.

Watch the video of Ping Pong FM to visualize how the idea of listening to music and playing ping pong can be enjoyed! Cannot wait to play this amazing music-game.'
Nikita Ramesh
Nikita is a good table tennis player and also follows it closely. She loves to read and write about table tennis whenever she gets free time.
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