Revolution of ping pong- Real Time Data Visualization

Ever thought of a Table Tennis table which would guide you for the shot you take?

Revolution of Ping Pong:-

The basic idea of this table is to track the ping pong ball in real-time to create data visualisations for trainers and players.
Thomas Mayer, a former student at Germany’s University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd, has developed a smart, interactive table-tennis table which uses augmented-reality technology to show players where they need to hit the ball and where they actually hit it.
He installed two PlayStation CL-Eye Camera which will trace the ball in real time and a projector to send the information to the table.

Check the video and you will get it why this is so great!

Of course, it’s  COOL!


Dashboard Features:

Statistics:  Dashboard tracks each player’s progress continuously, recording every game ever played on the TTT. It registers a number of games won and lost, date of each game played, the opponents. A user and his each opponent skill comparison, training scheduled.

Player skills: Six user abilities are evaluated – serve, attack, power, stability, defense, endurance. Therefore, the data is shown in current state and target state modes. The smart system can assist the player to train his weak point.

High scores: Dashboard records user’s high scores in speed, reaction, precision, topspin speed, sidespin angle. Calendar function: training sessions can be scheduled. Modes of play: the dashboard allows the users to switch between playing modes.


Tracking mode visualizes the ball movements on top of the ping pong table surface. In any case, it is a great way to visualize an entire game set. Therefore, it extracts information about the game, in a beautiful data visualization aesthetic.


Hit the targets as precise as you can get. As a result, these targets can be scaled in different sizes fitting to any players from a rookie to a professional.


The setup process is highly automated.


High-end projectors which are bright enough for most bright environments, and camera friendly so one can document an event without the usual scan lines that occur when filming projections.


Sensors are put underneath the table – without screens


Ping pong ball shots are said to reach a maximum of 112 km/h. Therefore, to sure the tracking technology it can cope with strongest smash balls, independent of the lighting conditions and environment.

Because of this, the practice level will surely increase. It will make the game better. As said in my previous article,  the robots are surely good companion to play, but the movement that human reactions do at the time of a game is unpredictable. The limitations of a robot are suppressed by this Trainer Table.


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