Spot Fake Table Tennis Equipments !

There are a lot of fake products in the market, people are buying them, and being looted. In Table Tennis industry too many Chinese factories are producing underhand products. Not all Chinese companies are producing fake products. There are many brilliant well-priced producers who are selling sterling products.
This article will help you to distinguish the originality over fake.

I have come across many bogus products, the basic rule of finding palpable products is
–>Check the spelling of the Brand!
Many types of equipment have BUTERFLY without “TT” or like this.

Equipment that is forged: –

1. Table Tennis Rubber
The best table tennis Rubber is Tenergy by Butterfly, and it’s pricey too. Many online stores give them at discounted price which is not genuine.
How to spot the difference?
Packaging plays a main role here, Original Butterfly products have holograms all over their packaging.
Sponge- The Fake Rubber will not have a good quality sponge. The colour and texture will help you to spot the difference. For e.g Tenergy always has an orange colour sponge.

2. Table Tennis Blades
Blades have to be of perfect weight, striking response and many things. By this one finds the best blade for himself. Here is an image of two blades from Butterfly, can you spot the original?


It difficult to spot the difference between the fake and genuine one. Right one is the original. This can be only comparable if we know how the authentic one looks like. Finishing of the blade, non-sharpness, smoothness will help you to spot.

3. Fake Table Tennis Balls
Balls are made of celluloid, not plastic! This is a major problem because it is really easy to fake. By the matter of time, one can reckon it. Balls shouldn’t be soft. While playing one can easily recognize the difference. DHS 3-Star is the best, but there are many copies of them, which is horrible if you play with them.

4. Fake Table Tennis Shoes
Shoes are the base to start any game. Without good shoes, one can never excel. This is where people get hoaxed and opt for low priced cheap shoes. Basic thing first, Butterfly is like Nike of Table Tennis, they have great quality and a variety of equipment. They are very particular about their range if you see them on sale. They are Fake!
Look at the soles, grip, material quality. These shoes can be worn for many years, paying more for fake is worthless.

When you come across many things, and gain experience one could easily found the difference.
Look for Genuine dealers.
Here you could find genuine Butterfly equipment.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, one can buy copy ones, they are different from fakes and have good quality. Yinhe/Galaxy are the Chinese brands which make a close copy of original and have satisfying results.
If you know genuine retailers comment down below, and if got any more ideas in spotting the fake one, tell them too!

Hema Rämåswàmý
I'm an Electronics and Communication Engineering student from IP University. Content Writer, Sports Enthusiast. College Basketball Captain. KVS National player.
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