Table Tennis tutorial with videos by Coach Tom Lodziak


Tom Lodziak is a renowned table tennis coach, player and blogger based in Cambridge in the UK. He always try to help others in improve table tennis skills. He has created a wide range of video lessons which are very useful for table tennis players who are looking the sports as a professional career.

Tom Lodziak played for many years in the Central London Table Tennis League for Finsbury Table Tennis Club, before setting up and representing Highbury Table Tennis club. In 2013, he moved to Cambridge and now coach and play in the city and surrounding areas. He is currently captain for the Cambridge-Parkside Table Tennis Club first team.


So below is the basic and few advanced learning sessions by him on table tennis.


How to hold a Table Tennis Bat


How to stand when playing table tennis


Benefit of wide distance in table tennis


How to play table tennis forehand drive


How to play table tennis backhand drive


How to play forehand push in table tennis



How to play backhand push in table tennis



How to get more speed and spin on your forehand



How to block heavy topspin



How to attack a backspin ball



How to read service spin in table tennis



How to return a side spin table tennis serve



How to do reverse side spin table tennis serve


How to play a quick backhand topspin attack

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