Table Tennis is a game where a player needs to be very quick. This quickness is not about physical fitness only but mental also. During the rally one gets a time less than half second and in this very short duration player has to decide what to do , where to do and how to do??
So first decision comes after that only stroke will work properly.
So use of brain in table tennis is very important as whole game is depends on your strategy and planning. When two player of same level plays then only the one who use brain properly will win. Table Tennis is a mind game in many ways :-

Service :-
When its your serve then think properly and plan accordingly that which serve to do? What will be the possible returns? What will you do next? Which area of the table is suitable for service and which spin you have to use?
These all  things you must decide before every service.

Receiving a service properly is also a very important part of table tennis otherwise you’ll loose the point. Use your brain for reading the service properly like which service is this, how to receive, which area of table , length of receiving and open it or return it with chop?
These are the important points you have to look before every receiving.

In between the rally , your brain plays an important role to convert it in a point. How to hit the ball, quality of topspin, speed or spin of the ball and opponents forehand or backhand etc. These are the important things to understand in between the rally for taking the point.

Tactics is the over all planning of your game and reading the opponents game accordingly.
Try to play always at week point of opponent and know about your strong point like if your forehand is stronger than your backhand and opponent’s forehand is weaker then try to hit the ball with your forehand to opponent’s forehand. Other game planning is also comes under the tactics.

So as table tennis is very fast game in which you need to be physically fit but also your mental fitness is important to become a successful table tennis player.

Aditya Kumar Awasthi
Aditya Kumar Awasthi is a writer, Short Movie/Documentary maker, Blogger, Traveller , Photographer and Table Tennis Player. Aditya did his graduation in B.Sc (hons.) Physics from Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi. After Physics (H) , He did his Post Graduation in Mass Communication from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi. Currently Aditya is a free lance Writer , media person and playing professional Table Tennis.
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