TT- Flex, Training in a new way

Fitness is the main aspect to play any sport. In Table Tennis being a quick mover is most important. Apparently, people find it difficult to do different exercise due to less equipment. Now we have one for all.

TT- Flex

TT-Flex™ is a full body strengthening system designed to enhance your loops, smashes, flips, chops serves, and much more!

It comes with a 600-gram stainless steel blade with 12 attachment points, handcrafted premium wood handle, an elastic strengthening band, and instructions.

While working with TT- Flex your SERVE, SERVE RETURN, LOOPING, CHOPPING, PUSHING, COUNTERLOOPING, and SMASHING will be strengthened, consecutively the major muscles groups get strong and will take your game to the next level.
One could add this training for 10 minutes to their normal routine. Within 30 days one’s shot will have more speed and spin.

TT-FLEX Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Racket
  • Handcrafted Premium Wood Handle
  • Elastic Band with Two Clips
  • Instructions

Sold Separately:  TT-FLEX UPGRADE KIT:

Enhance your workout with 4 stronger bands.
The original TT-Flex™ comes with the beginner band.  The upgrade kit includes the beginning/intermediate band, the intermediate band, the advanced band, and the professional band.


The racket is heavy, as it is of stainless steel 3mm thick. A top heavy racket, with wooden handle.


One should be careful while using it for first time. Doing, backhand swings with full power could give you a muscle pain. Do bit by bit training at the end you could feel major change in the muscles.
Attaching the band, then practising will help you to do slower swings. Persistence will occur while doing it for longer duration in one direction.

Here is a video about usage instructions


In conclusion I would say TT-Flex is one of the best training product for any level TT players. Not only it develops primary muscles (fore/upper arm, core, leg) needed for overall body strength and proper body position, it also improves quality of strokes and serves. Constantly using it and in a very short time, the strength and quality of a player’s FH/BH strokes (loop, chops, serve) improved significantly. It is very simple and convenient to use. One could attach it to a coffee table in the family room or TT table and practice almost 10-15 minutes every day. The quality of the stainless steel racket and the rubber bands are very good and expecting to last for a long time. I recommend this innovative product to all levels of table tennis players.

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