A total beginner’s guide on Tennis Vol 1.


Racquet and String: The first and foremost thing, A pro player should be very careful about is his body as it is the factor which will have a heavy impact on your career which cannot be replaced by your outstanding play or any other substitutes.

One of the major worst problem of Tennis players is called Tennis elbow which happens to be a condition arising due to the twisting force experienced by the arm due to the impact between the racket and the ball. One of the common methods used you to decrease the effect of impact on your arm due to the twisting force is to choose heavy rackets, The reason we take up heavy rackets is because they absorb more twisting force making the impact on the arm lesser than the original impact which is an analysis derived from physics.

Coming to the string, If it is too firm then the string will vibrate with a greater amplitude and the impact on the arm will be more and you will be prone to injuries. To overcome this handicap, the string you choose for your racket has to be a bit flexible and at the same time it should be able to deliver some decent power so that you can go for swift strikes. Even the way you hold the grip holds significance as holding it tight would lead to more injuries as the impact is more if you hold the grip tightly.

So, the only way to overcome this obstacle is to holding the grip a little loose. These are the tips for the enthusiasts in terms of choosing racket,string and holding the grip of the racket who plan on becoming pro one day. In case you are overwhelmed by all this since you are beginner but very much interested in the game then go and watch some of the videos of the tournament on the international level and work out one by one, You can even follow your favorite player and learn by watching  them step by step, All the Best.

The Vol 2 will be out very soon which will be based on the different types of court available in Tennis, Wait for it.

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