Milos Raonic: Most underrated tennis star in the world!

Tennis has seen various players in the recent history but there are some players who made a mark in the history books. Milos Raonic is one of them. He is one of those players who is even admired by the legend like Roger Federer. Raonic is also widely considered as one of the fastest servers in the tennis history. Even Federer applauded this man when he defeated him in the 2016 Wimbledon semifinals. But, unlike other best players in the world, Raonic has not been able to mark his presence in the international circuit. The main reason for this point in his injury-ridden ride throughout his career of nine long years.

An Underrated superstar in the current tennis fraternity

Milos Raonic first gained critical acclaim when he cruised into the fourth round of Australian Open being a qualifier. He was then referred as the rising star and a “future superstar”. This success and further his first winning of an ATP world tour titled made him jump to rank 37 in one month. He was also awarded as the “ATP newcomer of the year” in 2011 and further went on to win eight world tour titles. His career high ranking is no.3 which is the highest attained singles ranking by any singles player whether men or women.
In the 2012 Rogers Cup, he served a service whose speed was recorded as 251.1 kmph (156 mph). His this service is recorded as the sixth fastest service in the history of tennis.

Injury ridden career resulting in fewer titles

Milos Raonic story is similar to that of various players whose careers were affected by injuries. The year 2017 proved to be horrific for the Canadian superstar as his tour was cut short in October as he had to step down due to injury issues. He suffered a calf ailment in Tokyo. He also pulled out with a partially torn hamstring and wrist injury. He missed five major tournaments which include US Open as well. He was also not able to perform well in the previous grand slams and lost in the quarterfinal of Australian Open and lost in the fourth round of Wimbledon and French Open.
Let us hope that he forget his long nemesis with injuries and have a superb 2018.

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